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About Me

I started learning the violin at the age of 7 and the guitar at 9 year olds. I was desperate to play the guitar from a very young age and always had a toy guitar somewhere close by! I discovered my mums violin in the loft one day and then I started having lessons.  After a short while learning the violin I then started having guitar lessons as well which quickly became quite an obsession. I was very keen on learning chords and singing songs and attempting to be Garth Brooks, Bob Dylan or Buddy Holly! 

I went on to study the Classical Guitar with Chris Kilvington who was an incredible teacher. He taught at Anglia Ruskin University, played in the Eastwood & Kilvington duo and was the editor of Classical Guitar Magazine for many years. 

I went on to Anglia to continue my studies with him but sadly he passed away the summer before I started at University. I then continued with Lorraine Eastwood and Peter Rueffer before graduating in 2001. 



Over the years I've performed and formed many bands! My first real band was a group called 'Lightning Jack' a folk rock outfit based in Ely. I played fiddle and guitar with fellow band mates Lester, Fill and Ian. I learnt a lot about how to work as a band with these guys, I was the youngest member and so I learnt a lot about how to rehearse, write, practice and get gigs etc. We had a lot of fun and did a lot of great shows! 


 'Jeff' we were an originals indie rock band similar to the Stereophonics and Feeder in style. We did well locally and won our heat in the Ely Band competition and almost one the final! We went on to perform regularly and even took a few trips to London but sadly we didn't make it and in the end I decided to move on. My next outfit was called The Blueberries, a country, folk bluesy outfit who played a lot, recorded an album in London at The Premesis Studios and generally had an amazing time! 

I now perform in 3 bands, The Willows, Ward and Parker and The Electric Lights. The Willows are a touring folk band. We have done 3 albums to date and have toured the UK extensively including shows at Glastonbury and most UK festivals. We have even performed live on BBC Radio 2 with Whispering Bob Harris! 


My most recent venture is a duo with the wonderful John Parker on double bass and beatbox. We recently completely a live album of original songs and before Covid we were touring regularly all over the UK. John was previously in Nizlopi and had a number one with the hit JCB song. He also played with Ed Sheeran a lot before he made the big time! We met by chance working for another act and hit it off. 

Lastly, I love to get my electric guitar out and make some noise in the 4 piece band The Electric Lights! We made an album a few years ago which was mastered to vinyl and I still have some copies so do ask me for one if you've got a record player! We also recorded a song in South Africa called Waiting Waiting.

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