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Junior Classical Guitar Course - Level 1

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Welcome to my first online Guitar Course! This course is geared towards children of junior school age from Year 4 +(8/9yrs +) It will require a small amount of parental guidance but essentially its like having lessons with me in real life and then going away to practice before returning to the next lesson. This course takes you through The Guitarist's Way Book 1. You will learn to read music, rhythms and be able to play the classical guitar by the end of the course. You will be playing finger style technique plucking with your thumb and fingers, creating two parts of music at once; a bass line and a melody line! The course is laid out exactly how I would run it if you came to me each week. Of course in real life I can guide you and listen to you as you progress but with the videos and audio in the online course you will be able to see and hear how the pieces are meant to sound. Once you have completed your weekly goals you can then move on to the next piece. Parents, you should be able to guide your children from the information provided and be able to tell if they need a bit more time on a piece before they can move on. Everything is laid out really clearly, there is even bonus sheet music for you if you need extra practice on certain notes or rhythms along the way. Once you have completed the course you can send me a video of yourself performing the last piece in the book to receive your certificate of completion!

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