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Our next event - Sunday 12th June 2022

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Ages Ranges and additional information -

This event is for students year 4 to year 11.

The Guitar Orchestra will be geared towards the younger players (Primary Level) but higher level Classical players will be catered for. Cliff will be running this and looking after all the younger ones throughout the day. Depending on numbers older students may go into groups to work in smaller ensembles.


The electric guitarists will be working with Chris and working in groups on their own to rehearse. If we have a lot of students we will have additional staff and Mrs D'Cunha will also be on hand throughout the event.  When you arrive please fill in the form giving us your contact details and any other info we may need. 


In addition, we will also ask for permission to take photos of the event and film the gig for promotional purposes. Just select either yes or no on the form when you arrive. 

Guitar Playing
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