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Academy Merch and Lockdown Tees!!

My students and parents have been incredible during this lockdown. Everyone has managed to keep up their lessons and practice and a lot of pupils even managed to take gradings! It has been quite the journey with me doing well over 1000 lessons online since last March!! Wow! I had never done a lesson online before and so it was a very fast learning curve.

After the initial shock to the system and getting used to the tech it slowly got easier and I now find it to work really well. It has a lot benefits and if the student gets the camera angle right and can hear well enough then we can manage excellent lessons. Having the internet so closely connected to the lesson adds a lot of very useful resources to the classes. Students have been using backing tracks more than ever and youtube has vast amounts of drum beats and scale backing tracks available that really help students to not only play in time but to make scale learning fun and interesting.

As everyone has been doing so well I thought a memento would be a lovely thing to do, and what better way than with a T-shirt! I spoke to Becky at Iconicus designs and she got the idea immediately. She came up with this fab design that students will love and remember lockdown and their fun guitar lessons by!

I took it as a great opportunity to throw in some Guitar Academy merch too and I must admit I am loving it! My hoodie is fab and I'll be wearing it a lot! Next on my list is to do some mugs for the studio, plectrums are a must and book bags and pencils would be great too! Any ideas are welcome :)

Thanks again to all my fab students and parents :)

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