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Welcome to my new website!

Hello and welcome to my new website. After many many years teaching I decided it was time to set up a proper website for my teaching practice. I've not really ever had one before, not one that I used regularly or particularly shared, but I think since the COVID out break it feels right that I have a stronger presence online.

During the lockdown I must have taught well over 600 lessons on zoom and sending lesson notes and music etc all via email was getting clunky and hard to manage. So to bring all my resources together on to one platform that is available for all my students any time should be a blessing!

Students can now log in to their very own portals right here on the site. Check their lesson times and see what they need to practice right away! I can easily share video content, audio and sheet music too so they can find it, view it and download it if they want to. Once they are ready to practice they can then log the time done or set a timer! This way they can keep a track of their practice!

I hope it helps to makes practice fun and lets them see how they are doing from week to week and they learn that the more they play the more fun it gets!!

I am slowly adding to my online shop too! This is here to help parents find the right music and gear easily without searching the web and getting the wrong thing! I hope you find it easy to use! Let me know if i can make it even better!

Anyway, thats enough from me for now! Enjoy :)

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